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Room Hire

For All Your Needs

Full Band Practice Room

£15 per hour

Our largest practice space includes: Full PA & 16 Channel Desk, TC Electronic RH750 Head & Cab, Blackstar 100w Head + Marshall 4x12 Cab, Marshal 5150 Combo 2x12, plus mics, stands & leads available

Band Practice

The Loft

£15 per hour

Our loft is nicely decorated and perfect for some mindfulness sessions. From yoga to meditation to gong baths.

Drum Room

£10 per hour

Our drum room has both acoustic and electric kits available.

Drum Sticks
Recording Artists

Small Practice Room

£8 per hour

Our smaller rooms are perfect for solos/duos or even trios to rehearse. Each room has internet access, an Apple Mac and Line 6 Spider Jam Amp suitable for guitar, acoustic, bass, keys and vocals.

Piano Room

£8 per hour

Our piano room has the choice of two electric pianos.

Image by Stanley Li

Livestream Room

£15 per hour

Our small but perfectly brilliant livestream room has super fast internet access, 42" TV for reading those comments, a HK Nano PA for live sound and a high quality Sony ZV1 camera on request. The background is green screen.

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