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David Amer

Drum Teacher

“In 1992 my brother walked into my bedroom and said “I need a drummer for my band, you'll have to do”.

Since then, David has found drumming to be a core part of his life, shaping friendships and providing experiences difficult to have outside of music.

Originally Croydon based, David starting learning drums with Colin Woolway (Drumsense Founder). Whilst learning his craft he fell in with many bands in the Croydon rock scene. His passion for rock and heavy metal music grew and he was gaining experience gigging across the South East, cutting his teeth in venues like the Rock garden, Cartoon club, The Kings head and many more. 

Over the years David has done many recording sessions with various artists including sessions at the world famous Rockfield. He took his drumtech work very seriously, and was able to support a number of artists including Darren Mooney (Primal Scream) - learning what it meant to be a working drummer.

Around 2006 David was presented with a great opportunity to teach at the home of drumsense in Croydon. He was a tutor there for many years helping drummers of all abilities improve their playing.  

“Drumming is about the notes we play, but there's also so much more to it,  how we prepare for gigs or recording sessions, maintain our drums, all knowledge I like to arm my students with”

During his time as a teacher David decided to invest in his own playing, He has been fortunate enough to study with Steve White (Paul Weller) Darby Todd (Devlin Townsend, The Darkness, Hot leg) and Pete Riley.

“I look forward to meeting you at Idol Hands Academy, and supporting you on your journey to be a great drummer!”

Colin Woolway, Drumsense founder said “David was always an excellent and enthusiastic teacher, very competent and I would recommend him highly!”

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