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Bari Parrott Promo Shot

Bari Parrott

Guitar Teacher

Bari Parrott is a composer/musician for Film, TV & Video whose work has received a number of accolades over the last 7 years.

His band career began writing and recording material for rock group ‘esOterica/ESO’ who have released several albums & received critical acclaim from the UK press. After featuring in countless magazine articles & with the ascendancy of their music videos & singles releases ‘esOterica/ESO’ have enjoyed a degree of success. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) is amongst a host of fans to personally compliment the band on their achievements. They have gone on to support Marilyn Manson on two of his European tours & their new album titled “We Are Watching You” has recently been released featuring composer Tyler Bates (300, Watchmen, Guardians of the Galaxy).

Now being recognized as an emerging talent in composing, Bari has quickly become the “go to” composer for several media companies & directors/producers, frequently working alongside clients such as #volvo, #rangerover, #guinness, #revlon, #rimmel & #BT to name a few.

Bari also composed for short film “3 Hours” by upcoming director Regan Hall. It went on to win “Best Short Film” at Foyle Film Festival and qualify for the Oscars.

After graduating from Guildfords ‘Academy of Contemporary Music’ Bari now writes and records from his studio in Surrey, teaches at several private schools and from the legendary #idolhands!

If you'd like to book lessons with Bari, email

Esoterica - Silence
Esoterica - Tomorrow I Won't Remember
Esoterica - The Divide (feat. Wizard)
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