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Music Academy



From beginner to advanced, we've got you covered. Our tutors are happy to teach rock, pop, jazz, classical, blues and more. Lessons tailored to your needs, we offer Grade lessons, theory & technique or just learn those songs you've always wanted to. Learn your favourite licks, improvise solos or even learn how to get that perfect tone.


Our drum teachers are absolute pros. They can teach you hand and foot technique, coordination and interdependence studies, timing, internal dynamics, feel and touch, phrasing, sight-reading, music theory and in styles such as rock, pop, blues, jazz, R&B, heavy metal, punk, funk and more...



At Idol Hands you can learn the music you love whilst also learning the theory and techniques to make you a better musician.


Funk, punk, soul, metal, rock, pop and more. Get yer bass on at idol Hands! Learn everything from how to tune up your bass, notes on the neck, how to improvise to learning your favourite bass lines.



Our fantastic singing teachers not only help you with your techniques and safe singing but can teach from contemporary to musicals, performance and confidence.

Single Lesson

£24 per lesson

30 minute lesson.

Please allow 48 hours for cancellations.

Block Of Four

£22 per lesson

Book four 30 minute lessons.

Payable in advance. 

Please allow 48 hours for cancellations.

Term Block

£20 per lesson

Book 10-12 30 minute lessons.

Payable in advance.

No cancellations.


All Music Teachers DBS Enhanced checked & Professional Musicians

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