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Martin Mickels

Guitar Teacher

Martin started his musical career with the piano but soon realised that only the guitar would cut it. He studied for the next ten years, jamming with family, playing in originals band Flipside and writing guitar instrumental tunes.

Martin then began teaching guitar aged 16 and in 2000, released his first album 'Pulse' which lead to the Guitarist of the Year finals and was tipped as 'the next British Steve Vai' by Guitarist magazine. In 2002 he attended The Academy of Contemporary Music where he was taught by Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster and Jamie Humphries amongst others.

He then joined Statetrooper, recording 'The Calling' album in Germany and touring UK and Europe. The next few years he went on to play for Never The Bride, Violent Storm and several arena gigs with The Sweet, travelling all over Europe. Further to that he Co-founded Empire Kill, who had the opportunity to play at Sonisphere with Metallica headlining.

Martin has been playing with covers band Randy and the Rockets since 2006, and continues to demo at various guitar shows throughout the nation for Guitar Magazine and Feline Guitars.

Also, he is currently in Moonshine & Molly, a duo playing covers and performing original material including their album Timeline, written in partnership with Maz Bascal.

Lastly, Martin is literally our very own Guitar Star! Competing on SkyArts Guitar Star of 2015, getting through numerous rounds and into the rock section final.

If you would like to book lessons with Martin please PM directly, email us on

Guitar - Martin Mickels - Ice Circle
Randy and the Rockets - Just Like Paradise by David Lee Roth
Martin Mickels Guitar Star Highlights
Randy and the Rockets - Runaway by Bon Jovi
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