Randy and the Rockets are the ultimate amped-up, super-swagger, rock, pop and soul cover band. This is live music at its most visceral, most thumping and most entertaining.

Make no mistake about it, no stone is left unturned; from The Killers to Guns n' Roses, Stevie Wonder to AC/DC and The Who to Muse, this is the ultimate trip down a golden age of rock, pop and soul anthems. 

Be it the biggest festivals across the UK and Europe, through to the most intimate of parties and spit n' sawdust pubs in the East End of London, Randy and the Rockets have become synonymous with a unique live sound and an unparalleled stage performance. 

It's time for Randy and the Rockets to show you how it's done.


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Randy and the Rockets

Randy and the Rockets will not perform with a sound limiter, check this with venue first. Please add any extra relevant information or ask any questions in the comments section for a more accurate quote.

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