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Dave Harding

Piano Teacher

Dave started learning the violin at the age of 6, and then the piano a couple of years later. He was classically trained in these to a very high level and gained many years of experience with a wide variety of orchestras, chamber groups and as a soloist. These included performances in the Fairfield and Festival Halls amongst many others, and appearances on television.

Dave joined his first band as a keyboard player at the age of 13. It was an exciting era when synths were moving to the forefront of popular music. Embracing this, Dave got involved with different pop and rock projects, alongside classical ones, and performed in festivals and venues across the country.

Even when his career went all ‘corporate’, Dave still continued to teach, write and record, also becoming an accomplished multi-instrumentalist.

Leaving the corporate world, Dave moved to Oxted and became a Coach and Hypnotherapist. He also returned to his music roots, joining the teaching team at Idol Hands in 2012. He has taught piano to a lot of students of all ages over many years, helping them achieve fantastic scores across the grades. He also loves teaching students who want to learn in a more contemporary style and just have fun. Being a tutor on the excellent Idol Hands Holiday Bootcamps has been a great opportunity to teach students about playing, writing and recording.

Dave continues to work on different projects as musician and songwriter. He has written and recorded with various local artists and groups, including a performance of his song ‘Silent Starry Night’ by Kent Junior Choir and, most recently with Crashing White Horses for their Christmas song ‘Next Year’. He has written classical piano compositions, and his songs were awarded finalist positions in 3 categories in the 2015 UK Songwriting Contest.

To book piano lessons with Dave please email us at

Dave Harding

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