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“I love playing guitar, but in this business, what really got me going was being in a band – working within the confines of a rock ‘n’ roll band.

“I didn’t wanna be a solo guitar player. I didn’t wanna write complex instrumentals or anything like that and spend my life in the studio – I wanted to go write some songs and perform them live.

“And I think that was the key thing that’s always motivated me and that’s what keeps me around – getting out in front of those people and playing. That’s why, as long as I’m doing this, I still love it so much, ’cause that is exciting for me.

“So anytime I’m creating new material or working in the studio, it’s all a means to an end, which is to go out and play and be part of an ensemble – not just a solo thing where I hire some guys to play everything I tell them to play. It’s gotta have that give-and-take dynamic that working with other guys creates – a certain kind of energy.

The passion for playing guitar and going out and playing in front of people – those two hours, or, in Guns N’ Roses’ case, three hours – where you just go out and play all fucking night, that’s where I really enjoy playing the guitar the most, because it’s totally freeform.

“Even if you’re playing the same song you’ve played a million times, you can always find little things that you entertain yourself through that people wouldn’t even recognize, that you twist things around – you try this and you try that.

“There’s a lot of room to just improvise. I could practice all day for months and never get as much out of it as I do playing for however many people and just doing however many guitar solos throughout the night where you’re just flying by the seat of your pants.

“It’s way more fun and exciting and beneficial to me, as a musician, to do that than it is to sit around and just play my guitar. For me personally – it might not work that way for other people, but that’s how it works for me.”