FAQ Page2018-08-21T15:59:36+01:00
What age is the youngest for music lessons?2018-08-21T15:58:43+01:00

There is no minimum age for music lessons but we usually recommend six as a good starting point for one-to-one lessons at Idol Hands.

Pre-school lessons are available in groups.

Do I have to buy an instrument for lessons?2018-08-29T13:48:40+01:00

Idol Hands can lend you an instrument for lessons but it is advised that you have one for practice at home.

The Idol Hands shop can help advise you on whats best. We keep stock of starter guitars and bass guitars as well as amplifiers, drum kits and much more.

Do you do re-strings?2018-08-29T15:25:27+01:00

Yes. We offer re-strings and full set up services.

Can I get lessons in school holidays?2018-08-29T15:23:21+01:00

Yes. At idol Hands we teach all year round. We also offer holiday courses including song writing, production, performance and our popular Band Camp.

How much are the music lessons?2020-08-28T13:28:40+01:00

All lessons at idol Hands are £20 per 30 minutes currently payable directly to your teacher.

How much time do I have to give for cancellations?2018-08-29T13:54:23+01:00

We ask for 24 hours notice on cancellations or the full price of the lesson is charged.